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Welcome to Sea Yoga, founded in 2006, harmonizing the art of  themed yoga classes for your soul. At Sea Yoga, we extend a warm invitation to yogis of all levels, fostering a community that values integrity and connection. Most of our classes are offered outdoors, where you can soak up the sunshine and breathe in the fresh air. Whether you're a seasoned yogi or a beginner, our inclusive environment ensures a space for everyone to explore and deepen their practice.

For those seeking a more personalized experience, we offer private group classes and specialize in bachelorette yoga, creating memorable moments of celebration and serenity. Can't make it in person? Dive into our virtual studio, where we live stream classes or provide on-demand sessions, bringing the essence of Sea Yoga to you, wherever you may be. Explore our membership options to embark on a journey of finding bliss with Sea Yoga.


Where are classes?

Classes are held in various locations in the Myrtle Beach area, offering a unique and immersive learning experience outdoors, surrounded by the natural beauty of the area. Whether under the open sky or within the serene embrace of nature, our classes provide an enriching environment for personal and collective growth. While most sessions take place outdoors, we also offer select indoor classes to cater to diverse preferences and ensure a comfortable setting for all participants. Explore the Grand Strand's scenic landscapes and engage in transformative learning experiences in our thoughtfully designed classes.

What do I need to bring?

For our classes, we recommend bringing a yoga mat or a beach towel if you have one, ensuring a comfortable space for your practice. If you don't have a mat, simply send us an email, and we'll happily provide one for you. Staying hydrated is essential, so don't forget to bring a water bottle. Additionally, if you find it beneficial, feel free to bring a journal – jotting down notes during class can be a valuable way to capture insights or reflections that may arise during your practice. Come prepared to embrace a holistic and personalized experience in our classes.

What is the virtual studio?

The virtual studio is your gateway to a diverse range of classes centered around meditation, chanting, and yoga, allowing you to tailor your practice to your preferences. With over 700 on-demand classes, you have the flexibility to choose sessions that align with your schedule and needs. Additionally, we offer live streams weekly, providing real-time engagement and a sense of community even in the virtual space. Embrace the convenience of our virtual studio, where well-being is just a click away, and explore the multitude of options designed to support your yoga journey.

Can anyone attend?

Absolutely, everyone is welcome to attend our classes, regardless of experience, flexibility, age or gender. There's no need to worry about touching your toes – our classes cater to all levels of expertise. Membership is not a prerequisite; you can drop in at your convenience. However, if you're a local seeking a comprehensive wellness experience with both in-person and virtual options, membership offers a fantastic opportunity to make the most of our diverse offerings. Join us, embrace well-being, and embark on your journey, no matter where you are on your fitness and wellness path.

What if it rains for a scheduled outdoor class?

In the event of rain, please note that some of our classes are weather permitting. If, by chance, a class needs to be canceled due to inclement weather, rest assured that if you've prepaid, you will receive a full refund. We prioritize the safety and comfort of our participants and will promptly communicate any cancellations. Keep an eye on our notifications and announcements for real-time updates regarding weather-related changes. Your well-being is our priority, and we appreciate your understanding in such circumstances.

Do you offer private group classes?

We enthusiastically offer private group classes tailored to your specific needs and preferences. Whether you're on vacation seeking a personalized family session or organizing a bachelorette group outing, we're here for you. Our private group classes can be conducted on the beach or at various outdoor locations across the Grand Strand. We take care of all the details, providing everything needed for a serene and rejuvenating yoga practice. Reach out to us, and let's create a unique and memorable experience for your private group amidst the natural beauty of the Grand Strand.

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