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About Sea Yoga

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Sea Yoga Membership

Become a Sea Yoga member, where you can experience the soothing power of yoga, both virtually and in-person with our membership packages. We also offer monthly events to enhance your yoga experience.

What people are saying:

Shelsea is a one of a kind yoga teacher, I’ve been to many yoga classes and I don’t think any have been more fun or attentive than Shelsea herself. I received so much healing energy from her and her class. So grateful to have that experience!

Ashley Lutz

Sea yoga is the best place for the best vibes in Myrtle beach! Whether it’s in person or on the virtual studio, my heart always feels lighter and I feel a sense of bliss leaving. If you’re new to yoga, know that this is as judgement free and loving as it comes!

Suzanne Crass

I’ve practiced yoga for years and Shelsea is absolutely the best teacher I’ve had! I love that she emphasizes the traditional spirituality and puts a focus on self care, so you’re not just attending a workout class, you’re getting an entire immersive experience and feel like a completely new person.

Jessica Brown

Shelsea with Sea Yoga is such a beautiful light in this world, especially for our community here in Myrtle Beach. Her yoga classes are more than just movement. It is an entire experience that leaves you feeling refreshed, spacious, and deeply reconnected with yourself.

Ryan Oakley

Shelsea and her yoga classes are absolutely amazing! So glad I’ve stumbled upon this little piece of bliss. She always knows just what I need in a class and has me coming back for more every week!

Sea Yoga is not just a yoga class, it's a community. Every class has a soul journey that Shelsea guides you through and it has opened new doors in my spiritual journey. If you haven't been, I highly encourage you to just go to one class and I promise you will be hooked!

Alissa Wallace

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