Barre is one of the fastest growing fitness programs in the industry right now. It's one of the most effective and safest fitness programs out there. It's high intensity but low impact, so even those who suffer from injuries are able to participate.

If you have been struggling to find instructors to teach barre, now is your chance to have a barre teacher trainer come to your studio.

Participants will learn how to teach a barre style that focuses on building strength and endurance. One hour of this barre style typically results in a 500 calorie burn!

  • Deepen knowledge of proper barre form.

  • Learn how to cue barre positions.

  • Understand how to format a barre class.

  • Gain insight on how to blend music with movement.

  • Participants will receive a booklet for further studying, ongoing mentorship and a certificate of completion.



$399 per participant

minimum 5 participants

Studio receives 20% of profits 

Host a Barre Teacher Training at your facility!

We will come to you to train your instructors.

Contact us for more info.

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