Hey there! I'm Shelsea. I am your yoga teacher, here to guide you and support you on your journey to bliss.

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My Story

In 2003, I found myself in New York running and hitting the gym. Sort of depressed and wanting more. I picked up a Yoga VHS tape by Beryl Bender Birch. I used yoga as a way to just sort of stretch at first.
Then, at 19 years old I moved to Florida. I started taking Yoga classes in person and instantly fell in love with the way I felt afterward- blissful.

I had an inner knowing that I wanted to teach Yoga. At the time, in 2006, there weren't many yoga teacher training programs and almost every program required you to live and study there. I chose the Sivananda Ashram. I was in college at the time and waited tables to save money to pay for Yoga school.

My time at the Sivananda Ashram was incredible and hard! We woke up at 5am to meditate and chant, followed by two hour yoga classes, then philosophy classes and karma yoga. I left even more connected to that bliss state- glowing and ready to teach.

I taught in New York, and then many years in Philadelphia. Moved to Norther Virginia and led classes there. Led a Yoga retreat in Costa Rica. Moved to South Carolina and led classes. Moved to South Florida and led classes. Came back to Myrtle Beach, which is now home where I'm teaching and loving the community.

I've worked extensively with college sports teams, professional athletes, recovering abuse victims, overwhelmed moms, men who need to stretch, women who want to build confidence, and everyone in between! I love being open and accessible to people of all ages and backgrounds.


Say Hi!

I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect. Feel free to email or text me.