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Sea Yoga was established in 2006 with a passion for bringing people closer to their highest selves.


We flow and create shapes with the body, but what is really magical is the transformation that happens underneath the surface. Always encouraging more self-love and a deeper appreciation for the beauty that this life has to offer. You can expect some Bhakti, a little bit of laughter, maybe a curse word here or there, always a meaningful theme and always an opportunity to learn and grow.


Most people say once they experience one class, they’re hooked! 


All bodies, shapes and backgrounds are always welcome. Even the ones who claim “I cant do yoga, I cant touch my toes.” We got you! Come find your bliss.


Classes can be taken in person in Myrtle Beach, SC or virtually live-streamed or replays from anywhere in the world!

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Shelsea Novosel

Shelsea has been teaching yoga and different movement modalities since 2006. During her 16 years of teaching experience she has led classes in New York, Philadelphia, Washington DC, South Florida, and Myrtle Beach. 


Her style of teaching is always heart centered with themed classes that allow you to connect to a deeper place within yourself. 


Inclusivity is really important to her and she believes anyone can do yoga with the willingness to have an open mind.


Some of her passions that she enjoys weaving into classes include pranayama, chanting, story telling, poetry, moon phases and astrology, chakras/energy center, and philosophy. 


Her and her husband, Chris are thrilled to be rooted in Myrtle Beach with their two little girls, Kalina and Ayana, their bearded dragon, Spike, and their rescue puppy, Akash.


She currently offers regular in person classes in beautiful locations in Myrtle Beach. She also runs an online yoga studio where you can take classes live-streaming or access hundreds of classes and workshops on demand. 


You can find her on Instagram at: @seayoga and @shelseanovosel

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Nikki Shaffer

Nikki is a lover of movement and has been raised in the world of movement since a very young age. She has been a certified personal trainer and group fitness instructor for over 10 years. She also owns and is the head coach of Rock Steady Boxing of the Grand Strand where she specializes in a training program specifically designed for people with Parkinson’s Disease. 


Her journey started off as a gymnast at 5 yrs old and launched into a beautiful decade of high level conditioning, fitness, acrobatics, and incredible mind-body awareness. She felt HOME at the gym and excelled at a rapid rate. Conquering fears and defying gravity were daily rituals and did not stop there.


When she was 15 she was introduced to the world of modern dance and her life was forever changed again. She attended the American Dance Festival held at Duke University, which is a 6-week dance intensive dance program, where you are completely immersed in the world of modern dance with choreographers from all over the world, live music in each class, teachers from their own worlds sharing with us as students. This is where her life transformed and she gained a new love for conscious, mindful, intelligent dance and her thirst for joy in life was again being filled with the teachings of the language of movement. She felt even more at home with the intense physicality and training and also the people and beliefs in this community were so much more in alignment with her heart more than ever before.


A creator at heart, and with the new found love and savior in dance, she implemented and taught new dance programs at her school. Not only did movement keep her physically fit, it saved her from the effects of depression, something she dealt with from a young age. Not wanting to use medicine to “help her” , movement was the BEST alternative and the most effective. At this time, something inside her KNEW movement in whatever form had to be a forever thing in her life.

Her soul desire is to create a safe and judgement-free environment for people who have the desire to be their healthiest physically, mentally, and spiritually and to respect and love who they are! To feel comfortable feeling strong, worthy, powerful, and release any inhibitions.To find balance in the discomfort and the comfort. To gain the knowledge and mindfulness to be able to enter any class and have the confidence that you will get the best workout and if you walk to the mailbox or sitting in a chair at dinner you will be aware of your body in space and time at every moment.

Check her out on instagram: @iamwe.weareone


Stevie Goggans

tevie is a E-RYT 500 hr. She has been teaching yoga locally and around the globe for 10 years. She has also been facilitating yoga teacher trainings for the last 5 years. She is passionate about the practice of yoga because of how much it has improved her own life. She teaches from a place of Bhakti (love and devotion), relatability and joy. She loves being in community and sharing together from the heart.

Check her out on instagram: @stevieclairelakshmi


Sara McDaniel

Sara (she/her) is a Registered Yoga Teacher, a Doctor of Physical Therapy, and a resident of Myrtle Beach. She began practicing yoga in 2016 with a simple invite from a friend to attend a power yoga class in Boston. Although a ton of fun and a great challenge, she quickly learned with each subsequent class that yoga was much more than physical postures and unfamiliar words. Sara completed her 200-hour yoga training in 2020 under the guidance of Kristen Williams and K10Yoga—a program that is trauma-formed, body-affirming, and social justice-inspired.

As a yoga teacher, Sara is committed to creating healing spaces for all humans to feel safe in their bodies, to be accepted and loved just as they are, to be supported and cared for when life inevitably gets wobbly, and to experience the interconnectedness and care of community.

Check out her instagram: @soulfullysara

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Sati Rose

Sati Rose has been teaching yoga for 20 years. She holds multiple certifications. She has been fortunate to have the luxury of studying with many spiritual masters and works with multiple modalities. She is primarily a gentle yoga and kundalini teacher which brings a wealth of knowledge and faith to her offerings. She is skilled in body consciousness as a 15 year thai yoga therapist. She studied psychology at Saint Joseph's University and bridges a gap between east and west in her willingness to share yoga from a very unique scientific approach, while attending to the spirit with awareness of God consciousness and esoteric truth. Her teachers have been many and she has taken the time to learn from them all. From spiritual saints to religious pastors, she brings a loving presence to each class that she offers and hopes to be a true servant to all. She recieved her name from Ammachi in India. She became a certified teacher with David Newman, 200 RYT, and Sada Sat Kaur, 300 RYT. She learned Thai Massage with Michael Buck, The Vedic Conservatory and Body Work Observing Patrick Collard, The Collard Method. She is certified as a breath-worker through The Philadelphia Rebirthing Method of Tony + Maureen Lomastro and Harikan Baba. She is an Ethics Professional in her day job and a florist and painter in her spare time. Her classes are serious and fun with a challenging edge.

Check her out on instagram: @satiroses

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